Messaging and mobile communications have always been a focus of our business. As early as 1987, we developed a pioneering communications project: a Europe-wide network of IBM AS/400 systems, with which it was possible for the first time ever to allow employees to communicate with each other using the new medium of “e-mail”.

Our messaging and communications offerings include Microsoft Exchange in all versions, virus scanning and spam prevention tools, and mobile device connectivity via ActiveSync.

Since 1999 we have been offering our filtering services, which clean your e-mail data stream from spam mails and viruses and deliver to your own e-mail servers and thus to your users only the e-mails they actually want. Due to our many years of experience and the high volume that our mail gateways process on a daily basis, we achieve an error detection rate of less than 0.001 percent.

Since 2006 we also operate an email and chat infrastructure for smaller companies and self-employed people who need professional email and chat functions but do not have the budget to build their own server farm. Our front-end servers cover all current access protocols (webmail, IMAP4, SSL/TLS, Outlook, ActiveSync) and are regularly adapted to the state of the art.